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  1. Darshan
    25 aprile 2010 alle 8:51 am

    I want to use mac through a external hard disk i want a proper torrent can you help me to figure out one mine is dell 1550

  2. Ryan O'Dell
    26 gennaio 2011 alle 2:18 am

    Hey there, I’ve got a Dell Inspiron 1545 (the Pentium and Intel GFX one). You’re probably the only guy I’ve seen with good stuff on this computer and Snow Leopard, but I’m having trouble following it all…

    Do you have a good, straight up guide on what to download and what to do with it? I’ve got a retail 10.6.0 disc, I believe, and a non-retail 10.6.2 disc loaded with a few helpful kexts and tools. I’ve been using an old disc of Empire EFI to boot the installs, and been doing default GUID partition schemes. Currently, its dead…for the third time. First time was off the vanilla retail install (which I don’t believe the Chameleon install fully worked, as it had an EFI partition somehow. So I came home later and used the non-retail install, and got it mostly working except for video, which I was working on when…it now does nothing on boot but stand there with a “:” in the middle left of the screen. Its getting rather late right now, so I’m done for the night, but I’ve also got to know if we’ve gotten Core Image and whatnot working on the 1545 Intel chip. If not, I’m going back to Win 7, and leaving OS X for my better computers.

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