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10.6.4 Driver Update

19 giugno 2010

10.6.4 update = new patched drivers for your Dell Inspiron 1545.
Update your  notebook using apple software update. Remove, if you have installed, any SleepEnabler.kext from /Extra/Extensions. It’s useless for this notebook, and causes kernel panic on every kernel update.
After reboot, replace the usual two kexts for audio and wireless with the patched ones:

-Audio: AppleHDA 1.8.7f1, patched for IDT  92HD71B7X. Download
-Wireless Dell 1397: IO80211Family patched to enable 14e4:4315 devices.   Download

  1. Tom
    7 luglio 2010 alle 12:02 pm


    nice work. Do you have a guide on how to patch AppleHDA for your IDT device?
    My HP Mini 311 also has an IDT device.

    Cheers Tom

  2. millert
    7 luglio 2010 alle 6:23 pm

    Excellent, your patched AppleHDA also works on the Del E6500 which has the same IDT device.

  3. matthias
    9 agosto 2010 alle 2:07 pm

    hi! any chance/progress in getting QE/CI working on Snow leopard 10.6.4?!! thanks!

  4. Dlambert
    11 settembre 2010 alle 2:07 pm

    How much would it cost us for you to develop a custom driver for the Intel Gm4500?

  5. Dlambert
    12 settembre 2010 alle 12:15 pm

    I still get sound pops after installing and changing the smbios.plist, please help?

  6. Dlambert
    26 settembre 2010 alle 1:34 am

    Never mind fixed it! had to remove smbios defaults string from chameleon

  7. 19 ottobre 2010 alle 7:58 pm

    Hi, i have some doubts and you are one of those who can help me, i guess… lol, i’ve installed iatkos v7 10.5.7 on my dell inspiron 1545. Worked fine, then i upgraded it for 10.5.8 by the mac upgrade. Is it right to do? And my main doubt is can i upgrade this mac os 10.5.8 for a 10.6.4 or lower? Where do i find a tutorial? Thanks by now.

  8. memo
    11 novembre 2010 alle 8:16 am

    Dlambert :
    Never mind fixed it! had to remove smbios defaults string from chameleon

    please how did u do that?

  9. memo
    11 novembre 2010 alle 8:22 am

    i have a problem

    after for ex. the song stops or removing headphones

    i hear a popup sound
    but still the sound is perfect

    any solution fi=or this problem? am afraid of the speakers to blow off

  10. Dlambert
    11 novembre 2010 alle 1:18 pm

    No, actually i didnt fix this….sorry…VooDooHDA….

  11. memo
    12 novembre 2010 alle 8:10 pm

    but the voodooHDA controls r not working right?

  12. Dlambert
    14 novembre 2010 alle 9:53 pm

    Google voodooHDA volume control and search the post for the version you need

  13. acerimmer
    15 novembre 2010 alle 12:23 am

    10.6.5 Update, por favor? Gracias.

  14. al4e
    16 novembre 2010 alle 1:15 pm


    can you put modded AppleHDA.kext from 10.6.5 for IDT_92HD71B7, please. Or pls put info how we can do this.

    thx for your work.

  15. Bob Latterman
    11 maggio 2011 alle 9:22 pm

    I am trying to setup a Dell 1545 laptop with OS 10.6.6

    do you have suggestions for drivers for audio and wireless or should I NOT use this version on my Hackintosh..

    Thanks !!! 🙂


  16. 29 giugno 2011 alle 12:46 pm

    Hi Deviato,
    I’m installing OS X Snow Leopard on my Dell Inspiron 1545.
    I’ve used IATKOS S3 v2 with Chamelion 2.
    I could update easly to 10.6.6, trough 10.6.4 and 5
    I don’t mind if the resolution is not as the native, but I have a problem with USB.
    USB seems to work just 1.1 and not 2.0
    The webcam is not working even and it is connected on the high speed USB BUS.
    Do you have any idea about how to solve this problem?
    I’m experimenting iPhone game development and before to buy a Mac I would like to test how it works on my PC.
    I hope you can help in some way.

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