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10.6.3 Driver Update

31 marzo 2010

Two days ago Apple released Snow Leopard 10.6.3 update.
The good news are that you can safely update you Dell Inspiron 1545 using self-update. After reboot, you will only need to replace two kext for audio and wireless to work again. These are the patched kexts:

-Audio: AppleHDA 1.8.4fc3, patched for IDT  92HD71B7X. Download
-Wireless Dell 1397: Latest IO80211Family patched to enable 14e4:4315 devices.   Download

  1. Charles
    6 aprile 2010 alle 6:16 pm

    Thanks for the updated drivers man.

  2. hdpop
    14 aprile 2010 alle 10:17 am

    Do you think that the chipset graphique Intel GMA 4500M HD is supported in the update ?

  3. Charles
    14 aprile 2010 alle 7:25 pm

    Hi deviato. I didn’t knew how to send you a message so I hope you read this comment. The thing is that Apple released the new macbook pros and apparently it has very similar intel cards to that of the inspiron 1545. In the intel gma x4500 forum there’s been somme development, and given the fact of your experience with this, I hoped you could give somme advice… Here’s the link:

  4. 21 aprile 2010 alle 2:08 pm

    Have you try patching the new IntelHD kexts to get work with the GMA4500. We are close in the insanelymac forum but we need more help.

  5. Snake
    21 aprile 2010 alle 8:03 pm

    Deviato can you please look at the intel HD kexts and make them work with GMA4500? We are working on this over at insanelymac and we know what to do but we just don’t know how to do it.

    Please help us an take a look here.

    • deviato
      22 aprile 2010 alle 12:32 pm

      Hi to all, I’m trying to patch the kexts without success. I’ve run the complete MacBookPro update, patched the kexts, and all I got is that kexts are loaded (I think), but not working, because the system hangs before showing the desktop.
      I’ve tried inserting matching IDs 2a408086 and 2a428086 in both kexts -> the kext aren’t loaded, not showing in kextstat.
      Then tried hexediting AppleIntelHDGraphics, and replaced 0x86804400 with 0x8680402a and 0x86804600 with 0x8680422a -> the system hangs
      My card is reported as Intel GMA 4500MHD

  6. Carlos
    21 aprile 2010 alle 8:41 pm

    Hello, Deviato,

    Please help the insanelymac crew to make the GMA4500 work, we beg you!

  7. Kurt
    25 aprile 2010 alle 9:35 pm

    Any updates master deviato?

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