10.6.8 Folder

7 febbraio 2013 3 commenti

Due to the numerous requests, finally I had the time to recover the last files I used on Snow Leopard 10.6.8.
I hadn’t check them, because I installed Mountain Lion on (even though it’s too buggy and I don’t use it), but they should work. I’ve included the extra folder and new dsdt.aml to solve the “pci configuration begin” error in 10.6.8 (and lion too).
Please don’t ask for guides/tutorials, I don’t remember anything ūüėÄ
Update: http://adf.ly/aCqNi
Password: osx86


Antichrist Calendar Widget

31 gennaio 2012 1 commento

My first Android application:





I’m Not Dead (Yet)

3 gennaio 2012 2 commenti

I’m not dead (yet), I’ve only lost a bit of interest in Apple at the moment.. and found a new hobby: making electronic/industrial music, you can listen HERE.
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AppleHDA 1.9.9f12 (10.6.5)

22 novembre 2010 7 commenti

10.6.5 Driver Update…
AppleHDA 1.9.9f12 patched for IDT  92HD71B7X.  Download
WiFi hasn’t been updated.. in any case you can use the old one.

10.6.4 Driver Update

19 giugno 2010 16 commenti

10.6.4 update = new patched drivers for your Dell Inspiron 1545.
Update your ¬†notebook using apple software update. Remove, if you have installed, any SleepEnabler.kext from /Extra/Extensions. It’s useless for this notebook, and causes kernel panic on every kernel update.
After reboot, replace the usual two kexts for audio and wireless with the patched ones:

-Audio: AppleHDA 1.8.7f1, patched for IDT  92HD71B7X. Download
-Wireless Dell 1397: IO80211Family patched to enable 14e4:4315 devices.   Download

OSInstall 10.6.3 (10D575) patched for MBR partitioned hard disks

6 maggio 2010 13 commenti

Sorry for my absence, I was  working on OSX Installer found in new Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Retail dvd, Build 10D575.
This patch enables you to install OSX Retail on an hard disk with MBR based partion scheme, thus allowing multiple booting with other Windows Operating Systems.

Like in the previous 10.6 version, you have to replace 2 files in the original dvd content:
-OSInstall goes into /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Frameworks/OSInstall.framework/Versions/A/
-OSInstall.mpkg goes into /System/Installation/Packages


10.6.3 Driver Update

31 marzo 2010 8 commenti

Two days ago Apple released Snow Leopard 10.6.3 update.
The good news are that you can safely update you Dell Inspiron 1545 using self-update. After reboot, you will only need to replace two kext for audio and wireless to work again. These are the patched kexts:

-Audio: AppleHDA 1.8.4fc3, patched for IDT  92HD71B7X. Download
-Wireless Dell 1397: Latest IO80211Family patched to enable 14e4:4315 devices.   Download